FuelMileage.com – $4,000 on eBay

There’s a nice domain up for auction sale on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuelmileage-com-Domain-Only-/180798451308. The site itself is not included in the auction, but the seller is willing to include it at a negotiable price. So is buying just the domain worth it?

Positives for FuelMileage.com

The domain itself has over 500 backlinks that have built up organically over time. The site is an exact match domain that is actually ranking for its root keyword ‘fuel mileage’:

  • Broad Match Average Monthly Searches: 168,750
  • Exact Match Average Monthly Searches: 6,750
  • Average Cost Per Click: $0.98 USD

FuelMileage.com sits at position 3 for the term, which Compete.com estimates gets 9% of the clicks on that page:


This would imply about 600 clicks for the exact match search, which is not including all the long tails that the site ranks for.

Negatives for FuelMileage.com

If you look at the screenshot above for the site, you’ll notice that it’s an app site. In addition to the website, there are downloadable Android, iPhone and Blackberry fuel saving apps for people to use on the go. That makes sense since people want to enter fuel mileage information while filling up their cars. The biggest negative to this domain listing is that it’s about worthless without the app functionality.

Take a look at the competition in the SERPs:


The government site at position 1 probably gets even more clicks than the 53% that’s touted in the Compete.com CTR graphic above because of the double listing. You also have another fuel mileage app site right below the FuelMileage.com listing, and the giant Cars.com site soon after that. This is a competitive page – even if you were able to negotiate to get the site included, it’s going to cost you extra money for a developer for app upkeep.

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