– Daily Deals Aggregator w/ Custom API is available for sale on Flippa:
The site lists deals in cities across North American, UK and Australia. The site makes money via commissions paid by their daily deal affiliates when customers click though and make a purchase. The site covers more than 250 daily deal sites. The selling point of the site is that it makes it easy for consumers to browse deals across all deal aggregation sites:

In North America, there are more than 700 daily deal providers (i.e. group buying sites) with the number increasing steadily. Every day, these daily deal sites offer deals, coupons or promotions from local and national merchants ranging from dining, spa services, shopping, activities and travel packages with attractive savings, sometimes at 90 % or more. Most of the deals have a time limit and end within days. These offers are quite distributed and our personal experience proves that finding them ts quite difficutt. Imagine a place that all the deals and offers are listed and everyone can browse them with convenience and search for the most interesting ones and eventually pick and buy the most suitable.

The owner is looking to get $150,000 for the complete site which includes:

11,000+ Twitter followers.
16,500 subscribers (no sign-up is required to browse and buy deals).
The technology behind the site.

The Site has Authority in its Niche

The owner, Reza Bashash, also owns, an authority industry blog in the niche. The site also has a CrunchBase profile. There has been significant development in SideBuy’s API that is used by other websites and mobile apps. Details on the API are mentioned on numerous authority sites:

Competitor’s in the Daily Deals Aggregator Niche

Due Diligence

There are a couple things that look off about the site.
• Why are the revenues so low? $3,500 a month seems low for a site that has a custom built api for affiliates. You would hope that sub-affiliates are making that kind of money, not the main site.
• Expenses are listed as $250 in the auction. Yeah right. Here’s the ZoomInfo profile for the company:


5-10 employees costs more than $250. Even if ZoomInfo overstates the employees involved, you know that it isn’t cheap to develop and maintain an API that other sites are depending upon.

Would You Buy this Site?

I’m not sure it’s worth $150K, but this looks like a legitimate site backed by a custom coded API. Many times sites are sold on Flippa for “potential”, but this site has solid grounding to help build towards future growth. That said, it takes a knowledgeable team to maintain the API. And judging from the revenue, I doubt many sub-affiliates are using the API. If I were to buy the site, I’d quietly make the API private and just be grateful for the Mashape / ProgrammableWeb backlinks. It’s a crowded niche, and the buyer of would have to have a vision for where to take this site.

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