– PR3 Hotel Domain

The domain  recently went on sale at Godaddy (listing is here) for a minimum offer of $60. It’s a database driven hotel listing site that’s not particularly user-friendly ( you have to click through multiple geographic levels to finally find a tersely worded hotel listing for your desired city). It looks to be monetized with paid listings / advertising / or it might even be owned by a resort.

Aside from the technical details of the site,  it has an external PR of 3 and lots of backlinks. SEMrush estimates that the search engine traffic is worth about $40 a month,  which would make this site worth at least $500. The problem with the site is it’s backlink profile: SEO Majestic lists over 2 million backlinks for this site. There’s no way you can get that many backlinks without a heavy dose of spam. These types of back links used to help a site rank well across lots of keywords, especially a niche travel site like this. But this type of backlinking strategy doesn’t work too well anymore. Just have a look at the site’s dwindling SE keywords that it ranks for:



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