Salvia and Vaporizer Sites for Sale

There’s been a bit of a gold rush in the marijuana and legal highs niche that only seems to be accelerating. For example, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and over. The current Obama administration hasn’t place an emphasis on prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries, which has made it easier to invest in “green” enterprises without fear of federal legal scrutiny. There’s also plenty of online real estate to be had by intrepid investors, so let’s take a look at two such sites that recently appeared on Flippa.

What better way to get into legal highs than to own a storefront together with the raw materials? is offering just that: a site that sells Salvia “Incense”, which of course is being smoked by its customers for its narcotic and hallucinogenic effects.

  • Site makes $8K in monthly revenue, less with expenses factored in.
  • has approximately 30 active affiliates generating daily sales for the site.
  • They’re able to take credit cards on their site, no small feat for a site of this nature.
  • Auction includes a wholesale dealers list of top products in the Salvia Divinorum niche.

The site is ranking for money keywords like salvia, Salvia Divinorum, buy salvia, salvia extract. The listing also advertises that they will include a bonus of over 33 kilos of salvia leaf, converted to salvia extract (estimated value of $27,000 at retail). The seller is offering to stay on as a salvia supplier after the sale. But included in the sale is a salvia extract formula, which means that as long as you can get leaf, you’ll be able to offer extract yourself.

Some Caveats

  • Net profit is listed as $7,600 on $8,000 in revenue. No way, not even close – not after factoring in paying affiliates, shipping, raw materials, facility rental, hosting etc.
  • The seller mentions that they purchased this site for $37,000 when it only has 300 active sales. Now they want to sell the site for a buy it now of $35,000 (which includes the same amount of Salvia as a bonus, together with the Salvia extract formulation which they say they paid $15,000 for). Is there a reason why the seller wants to get out and receive less than they paid for the business when they’ve clearly added lots of value to it?
  • You must be diligent in who you allow to order. Customers must be at least 18 years old. You can not ship to AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, OH, OK, PA, SD, & VA. These are states where Salvia is illegal. You need to keep up with the criminal status of Salvia: The consequences for shipping to a forbidden location could be severe.

    Concerning shipping internationally, they have this to say in the auction:

    We also only currently sell in the United States and Canada, you can sell to other Countries that allow salvia sales, we constantly turn this business down. ( You could have those foreign orders send Bank cashier check, or western union.) Except of Canada.. (Their actually excellent customers, it would be wise to advertise banner ads in Canada for our products.) is another site in the same niche that sells vaporizers, so it’s got a great domain name. (there are 450,000 searches a month that have “vaporizer” in the search phrase in the United States alone). Website is run with Magento: the orders come in and you simply charge the card and forware the order to the drop shipper. The site makes about $2K a month in net profit. What’s a little more troubling is that there is one obvious competitor,, that has at least two very big advantages:

  1. They have the ‘.com’, which means they’re going to get all the type-in traffic.
  2. has their own Los Angeles warehouse. They are not dropshipping, and will always be able to have a higher profit margin (and quicker shipping times) compared to a dropshipper like

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