How to Monetize a Stocks & Investment Website

Many people are attracted to running an investment website for a variety of factors. You get to learn about investing, you reach a demographic that has lots of money and as a result get high dollar for your ad revenue. There are many more opportunities than just Adsense for monetizing an investment niche website, but the first thing you should do is to plan on building an email list for your site.

An Email List is Important in the Investment Niche

Having subscribers opt-in to an email list makes sense for the investments niche:

  1. People interested in investments tend to be an older demographic, and more of them are active on email as opposed to social media sites.
  2. Since you will be providing investment tips, you may want these to be off-site and only available to email subscribers to make them seem more private and valuable (not available to the general public).
  3. It’s a great way to grow your website traffic. One successful email campaign strategy is to provide a teaser in an email and entice them to click over to your blog for the full post.

Once you have put your Aweber/iContact subscription form prominently on your homepage, it’s time to get some traffic to it.

  1. If you want to experiment with paid traffic, try running PPC or another paid traffic source to a squeeze page for your investment newsletter. You’ll want to track the conversion rate on subscribers for every traffic source you use.
  2. A press release for the investment sector, like those appearing on, is also a great advertising strategy for investment sites looking to increase public awareness of their brand and newsletter offering.

Monetizing an Investment Site

1: Stock Awareness Campaigns
Some smaller companies will pay you to introduce them to your subscribers. You can research the company’s stock and send out your findings to your email list. These profiles work even better if the company is under the radar: micro-cap stocks and penny stocks would work well for this purpose.

2: Selling Investment Products or Services as an affiliate
You can run ads for investment products or market them to your email list. You can sell many different affiliate products and services:

  • ClickBank products. These tend to be low quality and wouldn’t say much about your site if you’re trying to build a quality authority site.
  • Affiliate programs like brokerages (TradeKing, eTrade, TD Ameritrade, etc.) where you earn a commission on sign-ups. TradeKing and eTrade are both on
  • Private paid investment services like, or one like where you earn a recurring commision.
  • The Motley Fool ( pays you for every redirect to their site and may be a good option for some investment sites to earn referral revenue.
  • Other affiliate products and services (Forbes,, MorningStar) can be signed up for individually as an affiliate, or better yet either automatically through or through a larger affiliate network like Commission Junction (

3: Google Adsense
Google Adsense has the potential to become good income for the website. The cpc for financial and investment keywords are quite high. This is more of a passive income play for the investment site. Try adding 2 to 3 AdSense ads per page. You can also try the Bing/Yahoo Advertiser program for contextual ads (through

4: Paid Subscription for Investment Tips
You can offer a premium membership service through paid subscriptions as many investors are willing to pay a monthly fee to get researched stock picks each month.

5: Paid Subscription for Investment Education
You can also sell a membership for a course that teaches other people how to invest. For example, technical analysis is a complex process that many people want to learn in order to trade stocks profitably. You just need to target keywords like “learn stock trading” in PPC or organic search. If your course is packaged as an ebook or a short video course, selling it through Clickbank as a vendor is another option.

6: Introducing Broker
Your site would act as a middleman between customers and brokerage firms. This would require partnerships with securities firms as well as a Series 3 license for US citizens (a non-US citizen can register as a Foreign Introducing Broker). You would need to make the preliminary contact with brokers to setup this revenue stream.

Make Sure You Have a Disclaimer on Your Investment Site

There could be legal ramifications for giving financial advice as opposed to just financial information. For example, many countries in the EU require a license for offering investment advice. To steer clear of any legal trouble, make sure you provide a “Disclaimer” or “Terms of Use” page on your finance / investment site that reads something like this:

This website provides information about the stock market and other investments. This website does not provide investment advice and should not be used as a replacement for investment advice from a qualified professional. This website is for informational purposes only. The Author of this website is not a registered investment advisor and does not offer investment advice. You, the reader, bear responsibility for your own investment decisions and should seek the advice of a qualified securities professional before making any investment.

Examples of Succesful Investment Advice Websites

Setting up an investment website doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a stock market wiz. I’ve seen sites for sale that focus on publishing commodities prices in a format that is easy to read. Here’s the description from a recent investment website for sale on how they ran their site:

The admin has to input the BUY/SELL signals each day, which takes 5 minutes. The signals are input at the admin screen (no programming is involved). The signals are obtained from other free signal services. Just look up “stock market signals” and register to a few services.

If you take things a step farther and offer insightful market news and commentary, you could maybe one day hope to compete with big finance sites like the following:


  1. George Thanks for your comments.
    What would you do with a financial site that has a very appealing generic name?
    thank you,

    • George Grove says:

      If it’s the financial advisors site linked in your comment, then the highest roi would probably be selling it to a financial advisory group. You can either try contacting them directly or go through a broker. Good luck.

  2. Hi George,

    We have email subscribers to our financial site focused in US Markets. Do you know anyone who would pay out to send our opt in users an offer? (not performance based, but per email address receiving the offer)

    • George Grove says:

      You can try approaching website owners / offer owners themselves (or find them on places like the WarriorForum) to see if they want to run a sponsored email posting to your list. You can also try working through a mailing list broker who will have more potential clients for you.

  3. I’ve done very well with my investment site by keeping it more focused and tightly knit around one or two particular affiliate offers rather than loading it up with all kinds of advertisements and offers. It helps to guide a visitor to one or two things. Clicks per impression have gone up quite well since the change.

  4. hello, do you know where I can get a list of “investing” keywords that pay well on adsense? I have tried various tools but none is broken down into an “investing” category per say. Thanks in advance

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