Building a Site to Sell on Flippa

Today we’re going to go over how to build a site for the purpose of flipping it quickly on Flippa.

What Kind of Site to Offer?

Obviously your site will need to offer something in demand. Rather than going with a simple ebook offer which doesn’t convert very well, consider a course where you provide video and/or audio instruction together with pdf files that go over the finer points of what you’re teaching. It could be karate, sewing, birdwatching: anything that you have at least some knowledge of could work. It needs to be a topic that’s in demand. You could also run a membership site, but let’s keep it simple for right now: a video course that will be delivered through your payment processor: Gumroad is much preferred over a service that charges nearly 10% on top of transactions like ClickBank.

Designing the Site

We’re going to use WordPress and while we could go with a premium theme a custom designed site will usually sell for more money. To find a designer for your site at a reasonable price, we’re going to trawl the 99Designs site for a designer.
Browse for designs you like using the following URLs:

Remember that you can also see some of the eliminated designs for any competition:


Once you find one that you like, you can message them as long as you’re logged in:


These people are obviously looking for work and you can make their day by offering a design job in the $50 – $125 range, which is a fraction of the usual $299+ that 99Designs contests finish at. If the designer is good, then you can continue to use them for future projects.

Getting a Sales Video Done for Your Site

The homepage of a site that has something to sale usually benefits by having a sales video that explains your offer. Instead of going over to Fiverr, I recommend heading over to VideoHive and browsing for a video template that you like (you can usually find one for $25 or less). To edit in your offer details, head over to Odesk and pay someone with video editing experience (Adobe After Effects / Apple Motion) around $25 to edit in your details. You can embed the video on your site natively in WordPress without using plugins, and it’s your choice whether or not your video autoplays once someone hits your site.

Listing & Selling the Site on Flippa

The first thing to do on Flippa is to take care of your selling account. You’ll have more bids if you’ve got a few transactions under your belt. Also make sure to do the easy things that can boost your Flippa trust rating:


As far as the listing fee, $29 is your sunk listing cost but you can split the 5% final value fee with the buyer (you can set this up automatically when you list the auction):

flippa success fee

Never list for 30 days – choose between 3 and 7 days. If your site is making money, put the exact amount it’s making in the title (i.e. “$420/month AutoPilot Photoshop Video Training Website”). For “reason why you’re selling”, just say that you’re too busy, or the site needs someone else with “vision” for it to reach its potential.

Note that many buyers aren’t very savvy when it comes to transferring the site. It’s therefore a good idea to allow them to host it on your server for 1-2 months and offer to help transfer it for them.

Flippa: Pricing Your Site & Upgrades

Let your site start with a low starting bid to generate interest. If you’re worried about it selling for too low, then set a reserve price. You can also enter a Buy it Now price, but I’d rather take my chances with the auction format for an even higher ending price.
As for upgrades, take a look at the newly listed sites and realize that you want yourself to stand out from the crowd. I personally think the front page featured upgrade is worth it, as is the highlighted listing row.

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