MemoryLoss Domain Names

memory loss went for $275 at auction this past week. Estibot had it valued at $230 and while it had a PR 2 it didn’t have any links pointing to it. Exact match searches for “memory loss” are at 41,000 per month. A search for ‘memory’ could also be about computers, but ‘memory loss’ is almost certainly a query about brain function. $275 is probably a good deal given how much domains are going for in the memory loss niche. Here’s an overview of some prices (both for sold domains and strictly asking prices) of domains in the memory loss niche:

(At Asking $5k $5k $5k $5k $4,500.00 $4,000.00 $3,500.00 is for sale (Estibot valuation: $41K) historical sales prices

  • sold for $520 in 2012.
  • sold for $350 in 2009.

It looks like there are plenty of domains available for development in the memory loss niche as long as you can afford the buy-in price.

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