Two Great Adsense Websites Making over $50K / Year

This week were going to take a look at two different money making websites that do a fantastic job of covering their niche. One is a resume website while the other is a freebie aggregator. is a site aimed at job seekers looking for example resumes in their job fields. The site has thousands of example resumes and look at how they list their resume titles: listings

You’ll notice that they are targeting longtail keyword traffic: in the screenshot above, you see two spelling variants of “facilities manager”, and there are two different types of resumes for “field office directors”. A site like this is aiming to explore one particular topic in extreme depth, which gives it an opportunity to post really specific resumes for jobs that might only attract a handful of visitors a year but if you extrapolate that over thousands of resumes the site gets tons of traffic. This resume database site was established in 2007 and makes almost 100% of its income from Adsense (there is also an affiliation with as well). The owner sourced the sample resumes from other websites of jobseekers as well as paying someone to create resumes for him. The site was making over $50,000 a year, and it’s a great example of a site that picks a narrow topic of focus and really milks it for all it’s worth.

There are now hundreds of websites that cater to coupon moms and freebie finders and that’s exactly the demographic target of Because demographics are essential in this niche, you really have to get the right people visiting your website and the only way to reliably do that is to put paid placements where you know your target demographic hangs out at. paid approximately $15,000 in Facebook ads in order to boost their revenue from $6000 a year to about $75,000 a year. Because of this heavy reliance on Facebook, that social network accounts for about 75% of their traffic with only about 3% coming from Google searches. They also get 15% direct visitors which is great considering people are seeing them on Facebook and probably bookmarking them. Facebook gives a multitude of ways to target your customer by demographic, including age, gender and income. This niche demographic skews heavily female and is probably on the lower fringes of the middle class: the working poor and people who need to cut coupons in order to stretch their dollar. aggregates freebies and coupons for their content and was started in 2007. About 80% of their income is from Google AdSense while approximately 15% is affiliate income from The site is a great example of knowing who you need to target in order to succeed and being willing to pay money to get your site in front of these people.


  1. Interesting post. Can you elaborate on how did you estimate the annual revenue for these sites? Did you base it on how much traffic they get?

    • says:

      These were originally listed on Flippa, where the site owners posted proof of both traffic and revenue.

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