Use Self-Service Links Just Like Paypal

Using PayPal for domain sales up to $500 is generally okay. The good thing about using PayPal is that there is no commission beyond the small 2 to 3% that they typically charge. The bad part about using PayPal for intangible goods like domain name salesis that you don’t have any recourse should the buyer claim that he never received the domain. That’s why a service like becomes essential for domain sales above $500 – $1,000.

DIY Links

Creating links for any item with PayPal is generally really easy. Just log into your account, edit the price and then paste the html code back on your website. Well now it can be just as easy with who now allow sellers to create leaks and buttons on their websites that allow buyers to accept a price and began an escrow transaction.

This service is available for all customers

You have the option to register as a user or a partner, both registrations will offer the same features. If you are a marketplace or have a large portfolio we suggest registering as a partner. The Bulk Import feature allows you to submit a spreadsheet with all your items and prices. then returns a unique button/link for every single item.

Since these are just html links (or buttons) you can place these links anywhere on the web that they’re welcome like forums and domain marketplaces. There is no additional cost associated with using these self-serve buttons beyond the usual fees. You as the seller decide how you want to split the escrow fees when creating your 1-click checkout button. It would be wise to set the escrow fee split to 50/50 and simply adjust your price to take into account the fee you’re paying. The minimum fee for using is $25, with an extra $25 charge if your buyer is outside the United States to cover international wire transfer fees. Nominally Sedo’s fee starts at 3.25% for transactions up to $5,000 and go down drastically from there. As a point of comparison, Sedo’s domain transfer service starts at a 2.5% transaction fee for sales up to $5,000, but their rates don’t go down as fast compared to and their minimum transaction fee is higher at $60.

2016 Update For those using Bodis for parking you can now deploy an Escrow lander for your domain which allows you to set the BIN (Buy It Now) price. This gives you the trust of Escrow along with a helpful (and immediate) checkout flow for your potential buyer. If you have an account with Bodis, set your Nameservers to theirs (ns1/ and select the Escrow lander for your domain in your backend:

escrow bodis


  1. George Grove says:

    Just got a related note in my inbox that Flippa is now offering their own escrow service which will be free (ok almost free: there’s still a small transaction charge) for Flippa sellers:

    You can now make and receive payments safely and securely via Flippa Escrow.

    – Flippa Escrow is FREE to use;

    – Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer, and payouts can be to your nominated bank or PayPal account;

    – Plus you don’t need to leave the Flippa site to transact, it’s all in one safe place.

    Sellers can now select Flippa Escrow as a payment method for their sale. While the service is free to use, small transactional charges still apply.

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