Flippa Seller Theshawshank’s Home Design Sites

Flippa seller theshawshank has sold several sites in the home decor niche that all follow the same blueprint. His latest offering is https://flippa.com/2875575-home-site-140-monthly-adsense-earning-more-than-500uv-daily-no-work and is another in a line of decent-but-not-great home design niche sites that are one level above turnkey sites:

Besides their niche, these sites share a few characteristic traits:

  • Low PR (0-1).
  • Monetized with Adsense.
  • Derive most of their traffic from Google Image Search, so theses sites are diversifying their traffic sources into more universal search.
  • Facebook fans. Some of the sites have a widget on the homepage listing genuine fans.
  • Posting schedule of up to five times a day. One way to get good traffic from Google is to update your site multiple times a day. So the seller just needs to keep up a frantic schedule for a month or a little longer and then flip the site. The seller theshawshank mentioned that he outsourced his article creation.

The sites are selling anywhere from $600-$2300. I think these are decent AdSense sites with good themes, although the written content has obviously been outsourced and doesn’t read very well. Another issue is that the seller is grabbing the pictures off of Google Images. As the seller theshawshank has explained:

I get image from the original site and google image, but I write in post title about the owner of image, for example: “Colorful Patio Armchair Made of Recycle Materials by Dedon”, I also give credit for the site owner.

This sounds okay for product images direct from the company’s site, but sourcing images for your site from Google Images is just asking to get sued by the license holder of those pics.

These sites are ultimately making only a couple hundred dollars a month from Google AdSense for up to 5 articles a day with images. That seems like a lot of work for a meager payoff, but the new owners of these sites will probably be satisfied if the site makes around $100 a month at a more leisurely 3 or 5 times-a-week posting schedule.

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