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There are so many different kinds of coupon sites: some are general (like BensBargains or CouponMom), others are more niche (like TechBargains). Couponsquid.com, on sale at Flippa, looks like a general coupon site. Although it has a nice theme, it does look a bit like a turnkey site. The site is never going to become big like BensBargains.net, but there’s one aspect that makes it an attractive site.

What Makes a Coupon Site Successful?

Couponing websites compete fiercely against each other for visitors, but it is a healthy and growing niche. The first thing to note is that most traffic for coupon sites comes from Google organic rankings or referrals (either word of mouth or on social networks).
The ideal way to gain traction in the couponing niche is to setup a PPC campaign. You’ll have to spend money for at least a good six months until your referral and repeat visitors bring you enough traffic to the point where you can turn off your PPC campaign. But running a PPC campaign is work and it’s also an added expense. You need to be able to tweak your pages such that the advertising you display is received well by your visitors.

Will Couponsquid.com be Successful?

The revenue for the site comes from Adsense, ShareaSale and Commission Junction. That’s a nice diversity of affiliate networks.
Couponsquid.com was making over $1000 a month just by posting coupons from merchants across the Shareasale network:

couponsquid.com - shareasale

It also published some coupons from Commission Junction, but the revenue was minimal compared to Shareasale.
This site still earns a couple hundred dollars a month from AdSense. That means it’s still getting traffic, which is obviously a good sign.
The two worries for me going forward for anyone looking to purchase this site (the reserve price is probably above $2K):

  1. Can you make it more niche? It can stay a general couponing site, but it needs to be more laser targeted towards a certain demographics (for example, general coupons for a geographic area).
  2. Do you have the budget for a PPC campaign? The site is obviously in decline and needs some way to get traffic back up in this competitive niche.


  1. George Grove says:

    Some good ad networks for monetizing a coupons site were mentioned in the Sidebuy daily-deals article. They include:
    Escalate Ad Network.
    Burst Ad Network.
    SocialSpark for soliciting paid guest blog posts from consumer brands.

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