About Us

BuyWebsites.biz was started to help visitors find GoDaddy auction domains that have good backlinks and traffic. We also publish reviews on other marketplaces selling completed sites like DigitalPoint, Flippa and eBay. We spend a lot of time putting sites under the microscope and showing the potential pitfalls of websites listed on the various marketplaces.

Using the GoDaddy Auction Table

On the homepage of BuyWebsites.biz is a large table of domains that are available to purchase from Godaddy. Here are some tips for using this table to find your next valuable domain:

  • The higher the PR, the more likely it is that the domain will be purchased, so act fast if you’re interested in a high PR domain.
  • All columns are sortable: for example, click on the Google PR column to sort by PR.
  • Use the search bar in the upper right of the table to find any high PR domains matching a certain keyword.

Our GoDaddy Auction tables may use any of the following columns:

  1. Domain – Click on the name of the site to be taken to the auction page.
  2. Auction – The auction type. Public means the high bidder walks away with the domain. Offer means that the seller is taking offers for their site but has no obligation to accept the highest bid.
  3. Bid Price – The bid price at the time the auction was found (click on the domain name to see the current auction price).
  4. Auction Ends – The date that the auction ends. The actual hour that the auction ends will vary, so click the domain name link to see the end time on the auction page.
  5. PR – The Google PageRank of the domain.
  6. Domain Age: – The date the domain was first registered.
  7. Majestic Links – The number of backlinks to the domain as measured by MajesticSEO.
  8. Seo-Moz Domain Authority – An alternate measure of a domain’s authority relative to other websites. Since Google Pagerank isn’t updated as often anymore, SEOMoz domain authority is a useful measure to gauge a site’s ability to rank.
  9. DMOZ/Yahoo – Whether or not the domain is listed on either/both of the DMOZ or Yahoo directories.
  10. SEMRush Traffic Value – The PPC value of the domain’s traffic as measured by SEMRush.

Due Diligence for Purchasing Expiring / Dropped Domains

  1. Make sure there is a minimum number of backlinks for a domain (can check using MajesticSEO) – a good minimum is 40 backlinks (if you think the site has strong backlinks) and preferably higher if you don’t know the quality of the links. You need to take into account that there will be some link loss after you take over the site.
  2. Set your minimum acceptable site quality metrics. Pagerank is now rarely updated by Google. I suggest sites that have a MozRank (domain authority) of at least 20, and MajesticSEO criteria of a minimum 15 score for CitationFlow.
  3. Check web.archive.org to see what the WayBackMachine returns as the latest “complete” version of the site. What I mean is that you don’t want a site that was great 5 years ago, was dropped and reclaimed by an affiliate to sell some snake oil, and then expiring again. You want to make sure that the last complete version of the site is both recent and a good looking site. You should immediately after purchasing the site recreate the home page and some of the site’s pages that have the strongest backlinks, otherwise webmasters will often delete links if the site they linked to has changed its format.