Can Host Your IMAP Email

I figured I would throw this tip out to spare anyone the trouble of setting up their own mail server for their domain. offers IMAP email to anyone who registers a domain with them. This is potentially very cool as it makes going it alone on a barebones CloudVPS (like Linode or DigitalOcean) much […]

Where to Register .io Domains?

.IO domain names are becoming very popular among startups and tech oriented companies needing a web presence. I/O stands for input/output in tech speak, so we’re starting to see many technical frameworks (like and APIs (like adopt the .io TLD extension. In this short post, we’ll look at where to register .IO domain […]

Building a Site to Sell on Flippa

Today we’re going to go over how to build a site for the purpose of flipping it quickly on Flippa. What Kind of Site to Offer? Obviously your site will need to offer something in demand. Rather than going with a simple ebook offer which doesn’t convert very well, consider a course where you provide […]

How to Monetize a Stocks & Investment Website

Many people are attracted to running an investment website for a variety of factors. You get to learn about investing, you reach a demographic that has lots of money and as a result get high dollar for your ad revenue. There are many more opportunities than just Adsense for monetizing an investment niche website, but […]

Domain Valuation: Influence of CPC, Search Volume and TLD

Mike Mann of owns over 330,000 domains with an estimated value of over a million dollars. He also has his own algorithm for purchasing domain names with keyword potential. About 95% of his portfolio is .com domains, mostly English keyword domain names. So how does he value domains to add to his portfolio? The […]

Domain For Sale Highlights – April 10, 2013

GoDaddy Auction Highlights The following quality sites sold at GoDaddy Auction during March-April, 2013., a PR2 DMOZ listed gossip site, sold for $235. sold for $85. , a PR3 DMOZ listed Dallas based teacher’s aide store, sold for $140., a PR3 self-improvement blog, sold for $130., a PR3 muscle and […]

Salvia and Vaporizer Sites for Sale

There’s been a bit of a gold rush in the marijuana and legal highs niche that only seems to be accelerating. For example, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and over. The current Obama administration hasn’t place an emphasis on prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries, which has made […]

DynaDot SEO Moz Trial

Dynadot is a great registrar and has a nice deal for people wanting to tap into SEOMoz’s various SEO analytics offerings. SEOMoz 90 Day Trial Dynadot is also partnering with SEOMoz to offer a 90 day free trial on their service. Membership gets you the following: Open Site Explorer for diagnosing the number and strength […]

Domain For Sale Highlights – February 28, 2013

GoDaddy Auction Sale Highlights for the End of February sold for $10. The dating site sold for $93. The webmaster tools site sold for $788. sold for $20. sold for $52. The pharmacy site sold for $10. sold for $223. The global warming blog, hosted on Blogger, […]

Dropcatching an Expiring Domain at the Right Time

There are three parts to catching an expiring domain: finding a good list of expiring domains, checking when a domain you want on that list drops, and then actually back ordering a domain. The days of being able to hand register an in-demand dropping domain are long gone, so you’ll likely have to team up […]