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Three “Expired Domain” Sites for Sale

Three websites went on sale in January that dealt in expiring domains. The webmasters went about providing the results very differently, so I thought it would be instructive to look at each site in turn and how it was set up. This website for sale at flippa lists domains that are pending delete or […]

Flippa Coupon Site –

There are so many different kinds of coupon sites: some are general (like BensBargains or CouponMom), others are more niche (like TechBargains)., on sale at Flippa, looks like a general coupon site. Although it has a nice theme, it does look a bit like a turnkey site. The site is never going to become […]

Flippa Seller Theshawshank’s Home Design Sites

Flippa seller theshawshank has sold several sites in the home decor niche that all follow the same blueprint. His latest offering is and is another in a line of decent-but-not-great home design niche sites that are one level above turnkey sites: Besides their niche, these sites share a few characteristic […] – PR3 Hotel Domain

The domain  recently went on sale at Godaddy (listing is here) for a minimum offer of $60. It’s a database driven hotel listing site that’s not particularly user-friendly ( you have to click through multiple geographic levels to finally find a tersely worded hotel listing for your desired city). It looks to be monetized with paid […]