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Domain For Sale Highlights – February 28, 2013

GoDaddy Auction Sale Highlights for the End of February sold for $10. The dating site sold for $93. The webmaster tools site sold for $788. sold for $20. sold for $52. The pharmacy site sold for $10. sold for $223. The global warming blog, hosted on Blogger, […]

Dropcatching an Expiring Domain at the Right Time

There are three parts to catching an expiring domain: finding a good list of expiring domains, checking when a domain you want on that list drops, and then actually back ordering a domain. The days of being able to hand register an in-demand dropping domain are long gone, so you’ll likely have to team up […]

Domain For Sale Highlights – February 17, 2013

I’ve learned quite a few Press Release tips from Dan Janal, so I was surprised to see one of his domains come up for sale. These domains are all GoDaddy Auctions. sold for $33. The site was built on WetPaint and offered resources to pregnant women., a site offering realtor blogs, sold for […] – Daily Deals Aggregator w/ Custom API is available for sale on Flippa: The site lists deals in cities across North American, UK and Australia. The site makes money via commissions paid by their daily deal affiliates when customers click though and make a purchase. The site covers more than 250 daily deal sites. The selling point of the site […] – $4,000 on eBay

There’s a nice domain up for auction sale on eBay: The site itself is not included in the auction, but the seller is willing to include it at a negotiable price. So is buying just the domain worth it? Positives for The domain itself has over 500 backlinks that have built up organically […]

Domain For Sale Highlights – January 2013

Here are the highlights of the sites and domains for sale in January, 2013. The eBay auction for Marine-Reef-Aquarium Supply Store based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia was a rare offering. It was a site that was actively selling on eBay that was itself being sold on eBay. It ran as an aquarium supply dropshipper: […]