Two Great Adsense Websites Making over $50K / Year

This week were going to take a look at two different money making websites that do a fantastic job of covering their niche. One is a resume website while the other is a freebie aggregator. is a site aimed at job seekers looking for example resumes in their job fields. The site has […]

How to Monetize a Stocks & Investment Website

Many people are attracted to running an investment website for a variety of factors. You get to learn about investing, you reach a demographic that has lots of money and as a result get high dollar for your ad revenue. There are many more opportunities than just Adsense for monetizing an investment niche website, but […]

Flippa Seller Theshawshank’s Home Design Sites

Flippa seller theshawshank has sold several sites in the home decor niche that all follow the same blueprint. His latest offering is and is another in a line of decent-but-not-great home design niche sites that are one level above turnkey sites: Besides their niche, these sites share a few characteristic […]